Skaates Inc. offers a full range of plumbing services, with the professionally trained staff to get the job done right.


 Skaates Inc. can locate your underground piping. We also can video your drain lines to analyze blockages and damaged or decaying lines.

drain stoppages

Indoor, outdoor, big or small, Skaates Inc. are stoppage experts. Snaking and video analysis available.

backflow certification, testing + repair

Skaates Inc. is fully licensed for backflow certification and testing as well as repair of backflow devices.

tankless water heaters

We service, repair and install both conventional water heaters and tankless on demand water heaters.

new construction + remodel

Whether your job is just one fixture or a complete house, no job is too big or too small. Skaates Inc. has an impressive portfolio of new construction and remodels of virtually every size. No matter what your project, Skaates Inc. can do the job smoothly and professionally.




Radiant Heating

Boilers, tanks, tubing and controllers — Skaates Inc. is an industry leader when it comes to installation, repair and maintenance of your hydronic system.


new boiler installation + replacement

Whether you are updating old or failing equipment or installing new boilers in a new project, Skaates Inc. is the choice for quality, professional installations and service.


Whether installing new radiators, or needing an older system repaired, Skaates Inc. has the solution to your radiator problem.

RADIAnt floors

Skaates Inc. are your radiant floor experts. With intelligent design systems and controls you can have maximum control over your room-by-room heating options with minimal energy costs.

retrofit radiant heating

Not ready for a completely new radiant system? Skaates Inc. can offer the solution to dovetail in with your existing radiant heating components. Skaates Inc.’s years in the business means a wide breadth of knowledge of systems, brands and components. Skaates Inc. is the answer to your radiant problems.